Ganantantra Diwas (Republic Day)

Republic day in Nepal
Nepal celebrated its first anniversary of being the Federal Democratic Republic here today. The day orchestrated different programs in the country where the Tudikhel ceremony manifested a mass gathering and popularity.

At the Tudikhel ceremony the President Ram Baran Yadav, new Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and Chief Justice Min Bahadur Rayamajhi set free pigeon with the message of peace and prosperity. During the ceremony the Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force, jointly entertained the crowd by its musical and dancing performances.

Similarly, the Maoist Party celebrated the republic day by organizing a rally and chanting anti government slogans. Recently the Maoist president Pupsa Kamal Dahal allegedly had resigned from the Prime minister's post reasoning international pressure in Nepal‘s internal matter. More or less with the controversial Sack of Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) and the broadcast of the Maoist Supreme's controversial tape, the Maoist party has hit the road denying all access to government and their involvement in the newly formed government.

Currently the Maoist acquires 238 seats out of the 601 seats where despite causing all hindrances a new leadership was selected on May 23 2009 .

With the fire of power tussle and power politics, Nepal is yet to see a sustaining government, though it celebrated its 1st anniversary but it is yet to see what future has stored for it in the coming days